Because I love to help people grow and succeed, I am a knowledge-driven learning and development professional. Having realized that individual and organizational success is tied to how organizations manage and leverage knowledge, I started my masters in information and knowledge strategy at Columbia. I finish my studies in December 2016 but I am already practicing blending these new strategies in my work.

This year, I am most proud of my team’s launch of a new platform for sharing information (including application documentation) and engaging with our customers. Not only have we increased the “speed to market” of our content but we’ve increased customer trust because of the transparency and ease-of-use of the tool. We are now better able to show them we are listening.

Cayly Dixon earned her masters from Columbia University in Information & Knowledge Strategy and is a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) through ATD.

A bit more about me:

I help individuals build self- awareness, skills, knowledge, and organizational responsiveness so they become strong contributors. I use my 10+ years of professional experience and intuition to help learners engage in new behaviours quickly. I am both empathetic and candid so I’m effective at providing constructive feedback.

As a natural connector and trained facilitator, I support collaboration within and across teams to encourage knowledge and experience sharing to drive growth and productivity. I am a keen observer and I translate in lay terms.

I am a systems thinker and I seek to understand business strategy to guide my work assessing, planning, implementing and measuring solutions to optimize what people do and how they access and use information.

Cayly Dixon, MSc, CPLP | Knowledge-driven Learning & Development

Cayly Dixon, MSc, CPLP

In my toolbox:

 Learning & Development

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Social Network Analysis
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Information Management

Information Architecture
Knowledge Assessment (gaps)
Process Design


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